Time to start thinking about your lawn?

Living in Fort Collins can have it’s share of perks. Besides the fabulous restaurants, the great people, the location, and the fact that we live in Colorado, the weather can be the biggest positive!

Just a few weeks ago, we got pummeled with over a foot of snow. We were right in the thick of it, offering our snow removal services for about a week. Although it stayed cold for a while, we have experienced a bit of a warm up recently, and we’ve gotten some questions about whether or not people need to get ready for spring, and thus start scheduling their lawn care services. Normally, residents and businesses start scheduling around the end of February, just to make sure they get the very best lawn care provider in Fort Collins to provide their weekly lawn maintenance.

Since it’s going to be below freezing at night still for a couple of months, don’t jump the gun and turn on your sprinklers until about the first of April. If you have any questions about when you should be turning on your sprinklers, just give us a call at 970-368-4495, and we can answer all of your questions.

Right now, just let the snow melt, and make sure that your lawn isn’t covered with any loose items. If there are any leaves lying on the grass, rake those up so that the grass can get some needed sunlight when the sun is peaking out.

When you are ready to schedule your lawn care for the spring, summer, and fall, give Fort Collins Lawn & Garden a call at 970-368-4496, or contact us on this website.

We look forward to helping you with all of your Fort Collins and Windsor Lawn Care needs!