Fort Collins Snow Mold Mitigation & Prevention

Treat Snow Mold Fort Collins

Snow Mold grows in the late winter and early spring in Fort Collins, Windsor, and across Northern Colorado. Most people have no idea how to spot Snow Mold, or what can prevent it from arriving in the first place, so we thought that we would educate you a little bit about what Snow Mold actually is.

Snow Mold occurs when the snow melts after a long Colorado winter. Because snow has been sitting on top of your lawn for a couple of months or longer, Snow Mold is given the perfect conditions to grow under your large layer of snow.

Snow Mold can rear its ugly head in Yards or on Lawns that were not properly given a good thorough Fall Cleaning, and can grow under leaves or under grass that was not cleaned up off a lawn after being mowed by a mulching mower.

Snow Mold can also grow under leaves if there is not any snow present. Leaves, especially large piles of leaves, hold moisture in very well during the cold season. As a result, Snow Mold grows under and around large leaf piles, or in small piles that have not been properly raked up. To properly prevent Snow Mold, there is lots of things a home or property owner can do, which you can read about below.

Snow Mold is really only a problem during heavy winters in Colorado. Because of all the sunshine that is present throughout Fort Collins and Windsor during the winter, snow usually melts very quickly, and as a result, Snow Mold does not grow during the winters where warmer weather is present. However, when the snow is very heavy during the winter, and there is a heavy blanket on your lawn for months at a time, especially on northern facing lawns, expect Snow Mold to grow.

Why is this a problem?

  1. Snow Mold can be incredibly damaging to your lawns. Snow Mold can grow just like mold in your house can thrive in wet conditions.
  2. Snow Mold can be potentially harmful to your children when they are at play on your lawn where Snow Mold is present.

How can you prevent and remove Snow Mold? First, you can simply call your Lawn Care professional, and we can properly get rid of it. We don’t recommend Power Raking, as that will stress the grass and your lawn even further than it already is.

Also, don’t use any fungicides on your lawn unless you absolutely cannot remove the Snow Mold through other raking and removal methods. Of course, when you are consulting with your Fort Collins or Windsor Lawn Care professional, they can help you determine the best course of action in regards to your treatment.


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