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Everyone wants the picturesque home, the half sized picket fence, beautiful home with garage, and framing everyone’s vision of a beautiful home, is a beautiful lawn. The lawn on your property is a recent development, only really taking hold after the second great war, but since that time lawns have become as prized a possession as homes themselves. Both a major selling, and reselling feature, and one of the first things people look at in terms of curb appeal, having your lawn in the best shape, happy healthy and green, will not only be attractive, but safer for play and time outdoors.

Full Service for Your Lawn

Fort Collins Lawn and Garden is your one call solution to your lawn care. Our team of professionals will handle all of your lawn needs, from mowing and trimming, to fertilizing and watering. With such a complete service you can even escape the need to buy your own mower. Our teams are the industry leading experts in all things lawn care related, and will give you the opportunity to have a lawn worthy of neighborhood envy without having to lift a finger.

Scheduled Lawn Care

By scheduling your services in advance, you can ensure that your lawn will continually be tended to by a professional team throughout the growing season. From pre-growth maintenance, to mowing and care during the summer, and preparing your lawn for the winter. Our team of lawn care professionals will see to all of your lawn care needs with one booking call, leaving you time to focus on other things over the spring and summer. Our teams are timely, thorough, and will give your lawn the attention it needs to grow happy, healthy and green.

One-Time Service

If you only need a one-time service, our crews are also here to help. Whether your mower broke and you need a service before you can replace it. Or are gifting our services to a friend or family member as a trial. Our one time services are just as thorough and professionally done as our scheduled packages. Giving your lawn the treatment it needs to promote healthy growth and giving you a beautiful lawn to enjoy. No matter the reason, if you need your lawn tended to, you can trust the professionals at Fort Collins Lawn and Garden.

Lawn Care Emergencies

It may not be easy to picture a lawn emergency, but they can and do happen. If a tree fell during a storm and tore up part of your lawn, or during a move the convenience of being able to drive up to the home left your lawn in shambles. Our professional service teams will tackle your lawn issues and once again bring your lawn back to its natural original shape with speed and efficiency. No matter the need for your lawn, we at Fort Collins Lawn and Garden have just the right services for you, to ensure your lawn is in beautiful shape at all times.


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