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It is easy to look at your lawn and discover if there are any issues, brown patches beginning to form, weeds taking over, or seed not taking hold. It becomes easy to forget that the most decisive factor over whether or not your lawn will grow out green, even, and beautiful, takes place more in the soil beneath the layer of green.

When it comes to promoting a healthy, and even growth on your Fort Collins lawn, you can trust our Fort Collins and Windsor based Lawn Care Company to give you the services you need to give your lawn the best possible chance. And in the growing seasons, a lawn aeration will give your grass a head start, giving it the best possible chance to take root and grow healthy and evenly.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aerations works by coring small holes throughout your lawn and into the soil beneath. This allows you the opportunity to seed, water, and provide nutrients right to the root source. As with any home, building it on a strong foundation will give it the best chance at a long and sturdy life, so goes with your lawn and its root system. By ensuring you have strong and healthy roots on your Fort Collins lawn, you will have a strong and healthy grass.

Should I have my lawn aerated?

Lawn aeration is good for any lawn. Not only will this add health and strength to your pre-existing lawn, but also will assist you if you have a recently laid lawn, or depending on the type of soil under your lawn. For clay heavy, or solid heavy soils, this will allow you to penetrate the soil under your grass and ensure that the roots are getting the water and nutrients they need. If you have a heavy thatch layer under your grass, causing it to dry out or feel springy under your feet, then aeration will allow you to permeate the fine thatch layer.

When should I have my lawn aerated?

The best times to aerate your lawn are just prior to the growing season, generally in the spring. Having your lawn aerated between March and May will give your grass the best chance at strong and healthy growth. If you have certain grass types, Kentucky Bluegrass for instance, you may want to consider having your lawn aerated once in the spring and once in the fall to maximize its effectiveness.


At Fort Collins Lawn and Garden, we are dedicated to giving your lawn the best possible chance at a strong and healthy growth cycle, giving you the best looking lawn you can have. With the professionals on the job, with the best equipment, you can be sure your Fort Collins or Windsor lawn will look amazing. Ensuring the proper coring, and spacing in our aeration, we deliver a quality, speedy and effective service that will have you enjoying your lush green lawn sooner than your neighbors, and throughout the entirety of the growth season.

If you are looking for a Fort Collins aeration service, you have come to the right place. Give us a call at 970-368-4496 today!


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