Fort Collins Rock Work | Rock Landscaping

Fort Collins Rock Mulching

Rock work is a great way to add appeal and beauty to your property. From boulder accent pieces, to rock mulch around your gardens and home, you will find that your options are varied when it comes to adding beauty to your property. Fort Collins Lawn and Garden are experienced with all forms of rock work, from cleaning to replacing and removing. Our crews are timely, efficient, and thorough when it comes to dealing with your rock work, and eager to put our services to good use on your Fort Collins property.

Clean Your Rock Work

As with anything over time, your rock mulch fill can start to look dusty, dingy and lose the attractive nature. Fort Collins Lawn and Garden is dedicated to revitalizing your rock work and bringing back it’s freshly laid look. Using a multistep process, our landscaping experts will remove your rock fill, clean them, replace the landscaping fabric underneath and place your rocks back in proper position. With how quickly and efficiently our crews transform your rock fill, you will be amazed at how easy the process seems.

Add More to Your Rock Work

If you’ve chosen rock mulch as your decorative option for your Fort Collins home, you can be surprised after a period of time to see that it seems some of your rocks have up and moved from the property. Various reasons can make your rock work start to look bare and patchy, and our lawn and garden care company is here to refill those spaces, once again giving it a full and complete look. Whether smaller rocks for rock mulch, or boulders for landscaping work, Fort Collins Lawn and Garden has your solution for your homes rock work.

Rock Removal

If a previous owner had boulder placements, or rock mulch done to the property, and you decide it’s time to go a different route, don’t spend your days with a wheelbarrow making round trips to the nearest quarry. Fort Collins Lawn and Garden has the service you need to remove various rock work from around your property. With quick and efficient crews of professionals, you will see your properties rock work slowly whittles down to zero, as our crews and trucks speedily and completely remove your rock woes. With plenty of options for various other mulch fills, you will find that our company offers the complete package to transform your property.

Weeding Your Rock Work

Over time your landscaping fabric under the rock work can start to deteriorate, leaving room for these pesky invaders to take hold. If you have a weed problem with your Fort Collins rock work, our crews are here to help. Whether weeding the rock work directly, or removal the rocks to replace your landscaping fabric. It can be surprising to see how much hassle one invasive plant can cause, and our company is dedicated to removing your weeds, and providing you a weed free location, while allowing the attractive parts of your rock work to flourish.


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