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We would like to welcome you to Fort Collins Lawn and Garden’s website, where you will find services for all your lawn, garden and property care. We are in the business of beautifying your property, and we take our business very seriously. Offering complete packages for all your lawn and garden care needs, and more, in order to provide Fort Collins with the most complete and extensive lawn care service packages possible.


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Lawn Care Fort Collins

Our ambition is to be Fort Collins leading source of lawn care, garden and property specialties. With an extensive crew of professionals of various expertise, we tackle each project with the highest quality workmanship and professionalism. We endeavor to bring Fort Collins a service that is more than just working for you, but rather giving you the highest quality service, at an affordable price while remaining friendly, knowledgeable, and most of all, professional. In our never ending quest to be the leading authority on lawn and garden services, we take every available opportunity to hone our skills and services at your benefit.

Fort Collins Lawn Maintenance

Lawn care services in Fort Collins and Windsor. Call 970-368-4496 to get your free quote today!

Our Lawn Care Services

The foundation of our company is our offered services. With a wide range of capabilities that extend further than just your standard lawn and garden work, we bring you a complete package of available lawn care service for you to enjoy. From junk pickup to commercial snow removal, we don’t do it all, but we do a lot, and we do it well. For all your Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Wellington, Timnath, Laporte, Masonville and beyond lawn care, garden and property needs, Fort Collins Lawn and Garden has just the services you need.

Lawn Care

Regardless the size of the job, or the size of the lawn, Fort Collins Lawn and Garden has the lawn care services you need. Whether repair to sod, or emergency services when your lawn gets torn up. Our service professionals are continually on call, and at your service.

Weekly Mowing and Trimming

Whether mowing, trimming, or both, our lawn care company has the equipment and crew to handle your lawn care needs, and give you a beautifully uniform look from side to side. With decades of experience across our lawn care crew members, you know you will get the absolute best service you need when it comes to your weekly mowing and trimming.

Sprinkler Turn On/Off

Shutting down your sprinkler system for the spring or winter, or handling your watering duties while you’re out of Fort Collins, our company has you covered when it comes to ensuring that your lawn is watered and tended to, ensuring a nice lush green lawn on your return. Otherwise known as the Fort Collins Sprinkler Blow-Out.

Sprinkler Repair

For any issues with your sprinkler system, from heads to controller boxes, we have expert sprinkler service technicians to suit your needs. Fort Collins Lawn and Garden is determined to get the best out of your system, and have it running like new.


To assist in the growth of your lawn, our aeration system is effective, thorough, and will give your lawn the absolute best chance to grow strong, healthy and full. Consider this effective growth assistance service to give your lawn the best chance.

Power Raking

Ensuring your lawn has the proper amount of thatch to assist in it’s growing months, our power raking service is thorough, and won’t leave you holding the rake. Trust Fort Collins Lawn and Garden to give you the best care for your lawn.

Rock Work

From cleaning, to placing and more, our lawn and garden service extends also to your rock work. Giving you a beautiful accent piece for your property that you’ll be eager to show off to the entire neighborhood. You can be sure that Fort Collins Lawn and Garden will give you a thorough service that will be free of weeds, and properly laid down, to give you the best looking accent piece possible.

Lay Mulch, Bark, Dirt

Whatever your choice in material to use as an accent to your home, Fort Collins Lawn and Garden does it all. With a wide variety of materials to choose from, and a professional service to place it. For a list of our ingredients, please check the corresponding service page. Our landscaping professionals are eager to assist you in bringing a beautiful accent to your property.

Yard Clean Up

From fallen trees to various debris, our lawn and garden service offers a complete clean up package for your lawn. Have your property looking great, and safe for the kids and pets to enjoy. With thorough and effective crews, we will see to the items that have been lost to time, and make your property worth showing off once more.

Commercial Snow Removal

From hotels to office buildings, we do more than just garden work. Our team of expert snow removal professionals will deliver a service you wondered how you did without. From full snow removal to salting and sidewalks, we do it all.

Junk Pick Up

Get rid of the junk piles scattered across the lawn. Our service company extends it’s beautifying goal further than just your lawn and garden, and having a professional service handle your junk removal will give you the time to focus on more important things.

Contact Us

For any further information regarding any of our services or options, please don’t hesitate to call into our offices at any time during our business hours, where a qualified professional will be more than happy to see to your queries. Fort Collins Lawn and Garden is here for you, no matter your property needs, so call today and get the most out of your lawn.