Fort Collins Power Raking

Fort Collins Power Raking Service

A power raking service goes beyond your standard raking job. Designed to get to the heart of your grass issues by removing dead grass between healthy blades. By targeting only the top layer of your grass, you can rest assured that your lawn will get the treatment it needs when it comes to removing any dead matter impeding your healthy grass’s growth. Fort Collins Lawn and Garden has found over the years, that customers have been reporting healthier growth, and less thatch throughout their lawns with this specific service.

Promote Healthy Growth

It can be easy to think upon hearing about a dead layer of grass on your lawn, that it’s a bad thing. But the truth is, thatch is a great way to promote healthy growth to your lawn. This layer of dead grass breaks down quickly and allows the nutrients inside to naturally fertilize your lawn. But as with anything, moderation is key. With Fort Collins Lawn and Garden care for your lawn, power raking allows us to strike a perfect balance in the amount of thatch on your lawn, keeping it at the right level to feed your grass without suffocating it.

A Beautiful Lawn

By using these techniques, our lawn care specialists devote the proper resources to your grass and allow beautiful, healthy growth. With thatch levels in the peak position, and properly aerating your lawn, to give it the best chance during the warm seasons. By doing power raking at the start of Spring, we give the grass time to heal and prepare for the warmest parts of the year. Giving it the best chance at maintaining its nutritional levels, allowing watering to be more effective, and naturally fertilizing your property.

Full Clean Up

After the power raking is performed, our crews will be responsible for the cleanup of all removed thatch and other particles. Whether by leaf blowing it off your property, or collecting it for compost use in other areas of your property, such as a garden. This complete service is aimed at giving our Fort Collins residents the utmost personalized care, ensuring that every job is complete from start to finish. Other landscaping companies may just perform the service at hand and leave the aftermath to you, but our company is dedicated to providing you a full service package that handles all the work on your behalf.

Professional Service

As with all of our services in the Fort Collins area, you can depend on the fact that your lawn will be tended to in the utmost professional fashion. This includes experienced crews, the latest equipment, and a service that allows you to focus on other things, while we tend to all your lawn care needs. If you are in the Fort Collins area, and require a power raking, or any other lawn, garden, or property service, then making the call to Fort Collins Lawn and Garden will set you on the right path to a beautiful and healthy lawn.

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