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Fort Collins Mowing Service
Fort Collins Trimming Service

Giving you the best looking lawn in Fort Collins is our objective, and our most popular service to acquire that ambition is our mowing and trimming service. With a professional job, your lawn will go from spiky and uneven, to beautiful and uniform. From the center of your yard to all edges, your lawn will look beautiful, manicured and even. Our experienced crews will give you the lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood, and do so with pride and satisfaction in our work.

Mowing Service

From newly acquired homes, to established yards, our service provides a mowing and trimming job that you will notice. For mowing needs without the need for trimming, our service offers a weekly package that will have your lawn tended to throughout the growing seasons. With the latest in equipment, run by the absolute professionals, Fort Collins Lawn and Garden will bring out the beauty in your yard. Giving you a piece of property you’ll want to spend time on during the warm seasons. With even and complete cuts, your yard will look beautiful, and professionally done.

Trimming Service

If you tend to do your own mowing, but the trimming around edges, accents or otherwise prove too difficult or time consuming, Fort Collins Lawn and Garden offers an exclusive trimming package that will bring the edges of your lawn into uniform with the rest of your lawn. With a professional approach, our team of experts will handle your tough areas, and bring out the beauty in your yard. From pool edges, to retaining walls and beyond, our company has just the right tools wielded by just the right people to make your yard one worth talking about.

Full Care

For a full service treatment to your yard, our full care package includes both mowing and trimming, and extends to giving you the option of how you would like the clippings handled. Whether bagged, or used as compost elsewhere on your property. You fill find our crews on site once a week for the entire growing season, giving you a beautiful lawn all year round. If your aim is to finally have that beautiful yard worthy of a magazine cover without all the effort, Fort Collins Lawn and garden has just the right packages to suit your needs.

Affordable Beauty

We believe that in having a beautiful yard, one shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg. This is why our packages are affordable and easy to comprehend. You will find no hidden fees, or extra work done just to raise the price. According to BUR-HAN, being honest with customers is as important as the lawn care itself. We know that in today’s market, having a transparent contract will give you the peace of mind knowing exactly what services are done, and what your bill will be. We aim to give Fort Collins a service that is comprehensive, inclusive, and thorough. We view all of our contracts as business relationships, and in a successful relationship, it’s best not to be unpleasantly surprised.

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