Schedule your spring cleanup now!

The weather is great here in Fort Collins and Windsor, and that means it’s time to schedule your Spring Yard Clean ups! You can hop on over to our Yard Clean Up page when you get a chance to check out more about our great services.

Some things to know about Spring Yard Cleanups.

1. Hire a competent Lawn Care professional to do it. You want to make sure that not only are all your leaves and yard waste from the fall properly cleaned up in Fort Collins and Windsor, but that you get a good Power Raking as well!

2. We spoke of the Snow Mold in our post from yesterday, so make sure that your Lawn Care professional addresses this as well. You don’t want them to make the mistake of over raking these areas to stress your lawn further.

3. Get this scheduled as soon as you can. Leaving excess leaves and yard waste on your lawn can prevent water and sun from penetrating deep down to the roots, and can leave your lawn grey or brown in spots.

4. Also, any toys that are left on your lawn for a prolonged period of time, especially toys that get very hot, can burn your lawn. After your kids are done playing, take the 2 minutes to clean up the toys to protect your grass!

Schedule your Spring Yard Cleanup now with Fort Collins Lawn and Gardentoday! Give us a call at 970-368-4496,