Fort Collins Lawn Fertilizer

Fort Collins Lawn Fertilizing

Giving your lawn the necessary nutrients for proper root growth will ensure a happy, and healthy lawn. By starting with the fundamentals, you will provide your lawn the care it needs in order to grow strong, with a thick and supported grass blade, making your lawn the envy of the neighborhood, and providing you with a beautiful and lush yard.

Our lawn care specialists are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals in the market today, and know just what it takes to coax the most out of your lawn. With an emphasis on proper use and dispersal of fertilizer on you property, you can rest assured that your lawn will receive the best treatment possible when it comes to our Fort Collins fertilization service.

A Healthy Lawn

Properly fertilizing your lawn helps with a strong root growth in your yard, which in turn creates healthy grass. Growing more fully, greener and more resistant to various outside sources that can cause your grass to fall ill. Much like a human being, ensuring that your lawn has a healthy diet, rich in the fundamental nutrients, will lead to a thicker, healthier lawn.

Reduce Weeds

With full growth of your grass, you create less room for weeds to take hold. Weeds are notoriously forceful with their need for elbow room, but having a strong and thick lawn will leave less room for these pesky invaders to squeeze in to your property and take root.

Striking a Balance

Both in nutrient balance and dispersal, fertilizing needs to be done in particular fashion to be effective. Lay too much fertilizer in particular locations, and you wind up with what’s referred to as “fertilizer burn”. The nitrogen in your fertilizer is great for roots systems, but needs to be used in particular fashion, or it goes on to have the complete opposite effect, and starts to kill grass. Much like certain aspects of our diets as humans, if we consume too much of one thing, it can lead to health problems.

At Fort Collins Lawn and Garden, you can be sure that our grass and turf specialists are the leading sources of information regarding the fertilizing process. Using a properly balanced fertilizer to start, and ensuring an even and encompassing dispersal to maximize it’s effects. They will also set a fertilizing schedule with you based on your grass type, to ensure that you are feeding the right amount, at the right time.

​When it comes to promoting a great and healthy lawn, the right food will go a long way. Done by a experienced professional, you will see results on your lawn in days. Coupled with a proper lawn maintenance routine, you will have the Fort Collins lawn that your neighborhood will be talking about. So put your trust in the lawn care professionals to coax the most out of your lawn. After all, you only have one, so ensure that you have the best possible team working with, and for you.